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Limitless Flexibility

Balancer Technology


A foundation built for innovation.

Balancer technology is an evolving and interconnected baselayer that allows builders to build long-standing infrastructure for the permissionless economy.

How does it work?

Modular. Flexible. Future-proof. Balancer's powerful underlying features, such as the Vault and SOR (Smart Order Router), slash gas costs, super-charge capital efficiency, unlock arbitrage with zero-token starting capital, and open the door to custom AMM design.

With the technology complied into a decentralised exchange, Balancer provides the most flexible experience in DeFi. While other DEXs host pools with constrained parameters, Balancer V2 accommodates Liquidity Pools of any composition and underlying math, allowing anyone to develop customisable and interconnected pool types.

Stay in motion. Harness the technology of the future.

Key Benefits

Unlimited flexibility

Balancer innovated the DeFi space by opening the door to a customizable AMM design. Unbound by the limits of specific AMM logic, Balancer hosts multiple different pool constructs that offer users a flexible and customizable Decentralized Exchange.

One stop shop

Imagine a suite of DeFi products all rolled into one seamless user experience. From Weighted and Boosted Pools to LBPs, Balancer V2 offers a suite of unique DeFi primitives that unlock the full potential of Decentralized Finance. No longer must users traverse between multiple different DEXs.

Built for all

Whether you are a trader, investor, or protocol, the underlying technology allows everyone to participate in the future of finance. Balancer V2 offers unique features that leverage efficiency, optimize swaps, and power permissionless and fair token launches.

Built for the future

Balancer V2 is so much more than a DEX. It is the very foundation that DEXs build off. It is a technology developed for an evolving future, a future that is both unpredictable and constantly in motion. The future is uncertain, those that can adapt will be the ones who prosper.


Safety and security is our number one priority and Balancer Smart Contracts are some of the most battle-tested contracts in DeFi. Alongside rigorous security audits, Balancer and Beethoven X have an ongoing 1000 ETH bug bounty which is among the largest in DeFi.

Pioneering Architecture

The unique architecture of Balancer V2 allows for a plethora of innovative avenues of exploration. By separating the AMM logic from token management and accounting, Balancer V2 can accommodate any system that satisfies a few requirements. Anyone is able to build a custom pool and plug directly into existing liquidity.