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Beethoven X DAO
Guide Tones

Guide Tones

The goal of the Guide Tones is to improve and streamline governance, increase community involvement and allow the team; Music Directors, other contractors and consultants, and other DAO-recognised committees to focus on strategy, operations, partnerships and growth.


  1. The members of the Guide Tones, also referred to as GTs or GT members, are available as helpful aids to assist in drafting proposals. The GTs will only confirm if proposals satisfy the minimum requirements for voting.

  2. GT members should ensure that the other elements of proposals (e,g.: length of time a proposal is in discussion) are satisfied. They should not show favoritism in delaying proposals they don’t like and accelerating ones they do.

  3. Upload proposals to Snapshot and open the voting process.

  4. If the GTs conclude that a delegate is not acting within the interest of BeethovenX, they can vote to remove the delegate. The delegate will be removed upon a vote in favor by at least 75% of the GTs. Each GT shall have only 1 vote. If a GT is the delegate that is subject to such a vote, the GT will not be eligible to vote and the 75% threshold will apply to the remaining GTs who are eligible to vote.

  5. Through a governance vote, only GTs can be promoted to a Music Director.


  • The GTs should consist of a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 11. The structure should always target that the team and the Music Directors make up less than 50% of the GTs.

  • Guide Tones are to be elected by the community; this is done through a proposal to join.

  • GT members can resign at any time.

  • GT members will be compensated with 1,000 BEETs per month. GT members that are also part of the team are not eligible for this payment.

Publishing your Guide Tone Proposal

Whenever there is a need to add a new GT member, each prospective member will create a thread in a Guide Tone forum. The first post should be your pitch to fBEETs holders explaining why you would be a good candidate.

Your thread will serve as a space to engage fBEETs holders on your proposal and answer any questions.

The following is an example template, but so long as the minimum requirements are satisfied, you have the freedom to be creative if you desire.

  • Name:
  • Discord username:
  • I have read and understood the the scope and powers of the Guide Tones
  • My reasons for wanting to be a GT:
  • If you are a member of the Ludwig Lounge